Acclaim for Spiritual Growth is Not What You Think

"[I] have enjoyed [this book] very much. I found it stimulating, provocative, challenging, even disturbing! The topic is timely and relevant—baby–boomers en masse are coming out for spirituality, needing direction and guidance."

–Nancy Marriott,

Co-author, with Candace Pert, of Everything You Need to Know to Feel Go(o)d.

"This book is an important reminder that all beliefs place limits and boundaries upon the ineffable spirit. This is a valuable guide to the pathless path: The genius of one's own genuine spiritual experience. This work will help us lighten our beliefs and dance more with one another."

–Harold H. Bloomfield, MD,

Author of Making Peace with Yourself, Life Mates, and Love Secrets for a Lasting Relationship.

"I think much of this book is brilliant, funny, reverent/irreverent and wise. I thoroughly enjoyed your work and am sincerely glad to have spent the time reading it. I enjoyed your humor and your stories, and your honest self-appraisal."

–My Literary Agent

"Finally, someone has emerged who can make sense of all of the New Age babble or 'the great metaphysical commotion' (as Barnett calls it) without discrediting the spiritual path. He's like the 'Dr. Phil' of spirituality."

–Dwayne Devries

'Your book dragged me and my beliefs, kicking and screaming, all the way to a heart and mind-opening end."

–David Krueger, Corporate office, Kinkos

"This book is great; something like this has been needed for a very long time."

–Jim Fernand, Reference Editor

"With so many spiritual books being Published everyday it is rare to read one as unique as this."

–Gerald G. Jampolsky M.D.,

Author of Teach Only Love and Love Is Letting Go Of Fear